What is the Longest Travel on a Straight Line Action Clamp?

What is the longest travel on a straight line action clamp?

Destaco’s 640 series straight line action clamp offers heavy duty push/pul clamping with its longest plunger stroke travel of all their manual clamps for push/pul clamping applications. Constructed from steel for strength & durability to handle heavy-duty operations without breaking or bending and equipped with zinc plating to resist corrosion in harsh environments, its Toggle Lock Plus mechanism also prevents accidental opening caused by vibrations while remaining in an over-centre toggle lock state preventing accidental opening from opening due to accidental opening due to remaining over centre with regards its toggle lock position for added peace of mind when performing push/pul clamping operations.

Lever handles allow users to easily control round sliding plungers that lock when either pulling or pushing workpieces to secure storage, with a maximum holding capacity of 7500 lb and featuring flange base mounting style. A rotatable handle falls below the mounting plane to lock into place at their retracted state for easier operation and reduced user fatigue over extended use.

Raptor Supplies provides Hex Head/Neoprene Spindle Assemblies (Destaco 220203) that fit securely into the plunger of this straight line action clamp for secure attachment to workpieces. These manual clamps can be used for testing, welding, fixturing, tensioning and CNC machining plastic injection moulding applications in aerospace consumer goods automotive food processing & packaging industries.

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